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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Making Up For Lost Time :: A Tartan Highland Fling

Hello friends! I have recently listed this original design in my Etsy Shop. It is a wee bit of Scotland for you ~ a Highland Dancer silhouetted on a lovely heathery tartan background.

The model is stitched on blue marble 14-count Aida. DMC stranded cotton threads are used, 2 strands.

The finished design size is approximately 3.5" X 4.5", but it does take some time to stitch as it is a solid pattern.

I have been enjoying working out how to chart tartans...although, sometimes my eyes go crossed if I keep at it too long!

Since the new year began, I have had NINE finishes! This is probably a record for me. I finished two of my own designs for the Etsy shop (this one and the Thistle and Tartan design), my own design for The Orthodox Stitcher (Maxim No. 2), two blue delft patterns, three A Year in Chalk patterns by Hands On Designs, and an angel letter.  I'm quite pleased, and inspired!

At the moment, I have WIPs and UFOs laid out across the spare bed, and I'm gearing up to work on them all. I have a new design in the works, and another design for The Orthodox Stitcher coming up soon!

I have been hobbling around in a walking boot, trying to keep my foot immobilized so the stress fracture can heal. The upside: more stitching time!

Hope you are all having a lovely winter with lots of coziness and stitching!
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