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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

What a Year This Has Been

I actually think a LOT of people can say that about this year.  So many ups and downs, and absolute craziness.  People literally losing their minds all over the world.  I will not really be sad to see this year go.

I did stitch quite a lot during the year, but didn't do much designing.  I haven't felt "myself" this whole year.  I wonder if any of you felt the same way?

I am starting to regroup, remove extraneous things from my life; get on with it.  And I am definitely trying to go deeper in my faith.  As well, I started a new job halfway through the year.  Now, see... I'm basically "retired".  I was a schoolteacher for many years, and worked in youth ministry, and things like that.  I thought I was pretty much done with out-of-the-house jobs.  But no.  Now I work for the Church of Scotland as an organist / pianist in four of the local churches here.  Except... I'm an Orthodox Christian!  It works out well, though, because most of our liturgies are on Saturdays, so I can play for the Church of Scotland on Sundays, with my priest's blessing.

So, I have been learning some new routines and setting some new goals.  And my stitching goal for 2017 is to get back to designing, get back to blogging, and stitch as close to "daily" as possible.

Do you have stitching goals?

Once the glorious Christmas Season is past, I will take time to photograph and post about my stitching goings on.

Also, please NOTE:  I have deleted my website for Fearn Abbey Needleworks, and have decided to come back to this blog for both my wee business and my own personal stitching.

I'm sure I've lost all my stitching friends by now, but... I'll keep plugging away.

Meanwhile, I'm wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and lots of time for stitching in the New Year!
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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Year of WIPs

I have two boxes which have been organized and sorted... and which contain UFOs from ages ago.  This is my year to turn UFOs into WIPs and then finishes! You know, along with doing current projects, designs, and The Orthodox Stitcher. Here is my first UFO to WIP to FINISH:  Halloween Kitty. I got this chart a few years ago from Patterns Online. It was a terribly hard chart to read, in tiny black and white, and very faint, symbols. I did the cat and a tiny bit of orange, and then it went into hiding for a couple of years. 

I am happy to say, I persevered, at long last, and finished it! It is done on a pale blue 14ct Aida using DMC threads. I really, REALLY like it! Now it awaits a frame or some kind of finishing.

Next UFO turned WIP is a Dimensions kit of an angel with a harp. Plugging away at it.

I'm also working on one of my own designs, and a kit of a castle. There are NOT enough hours in the day!

Oh, and I started doing the music for two local churches!

What are you all busy with?
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


This little black lamb and his (her?) friend have just been added to the Etsy shop today.  I enjoyed stitching this so much.  My design is based on a vintage illustration (public domain) and brings to mind simpler times.

You can find this PDF Instant Download HERE

While we have been enjoying the thousands of little bouncy lambs in the fields around us this spring, it has also been a bit of an up-and-down sort of time:  very wintry, unseasonable weather at times; hectic visits from family back home; very long work hours for my dear husband.  I am hoping for a bit of a break and for things to slow down just a little!

I hope this little lamb has made you smile today!
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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Making Up For Lost Time :: A Tartan Highland Fling

Hello friends! I have recently listed this original design in my Etsy Shop. It is a wee bit of Scotland for you ~ a Highland Dancer silhouetted on a lovely heathery tartan background.

The model is stitched on blue marble 14-count Aida. DMC stranded cotton threads are used, 2 strands.

The finished design size is approximately 3.5" X 4.5", but it does take some time to stitch as it is a solid pattern.

I have been enjoying working out how to chart tartans...although, sometimes my eyes go crossed if I keep at it too long!

Since the new year began, I have had NINE finishes! This is probably a record for me. I finished two of my own designs for the Etsy shop (this one and the Thistle and Tartan design), my own design for The Orthodox Stitcher (Maxim No. 2), two blue delft patterns, three A Year in Chalk patterns by Hands On Designs, and an angel letter.  I'm quite pleased, and inspired!

At the moment, I have WIPs and UFOs laid out across the spare bed, and I'm gearing up to work on them all. I have a new design in the works, and another design for The Orthodox Stitcher coming up soon!

I have been hobbling around in a walking boot, trying to keep my foot immobilized so the stress fracture can heal. The upside: more stitching time!

Hope you are all having a lovely winter with lots of coziness and stitching!
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Monday, February 15, 2016

A Winner

Well, the problem with giveaways is that I would like everyone to win! I will simply have to do more of them so everyone has a chance.

I used the Random Name Picker from Mini Web Tool. And the winner is:

Christine (nannystitch)

Congratulations! Please email me (see button on sidebar) with your address, and I will post your three free charts to you! I do hope you enjoy them.

Meanwhile, I have finished another Scottish design and will be showing it to you shortly!
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Stitching Odds and Ends, and a Wee Giveaway

Hi friends! I am so happy to be back stitching. And I've been stitching up a storm ~ both my own designs and wonderful projects from my craft closet!

First, I am working on these little angels from the Angel Alphabet by Lesley Teare. They have a lot of backstitching and French knots, so it is taking me awhile. I'm halfway done with my word. Can you tell what it will be?

Next is this little blue Delft shepherd. I have eight little blue Delft pieces I plan to do for our "blue room". I think I am going to mount them on painted, square box canvases.

Finally, I am working my way through A Year in Chalk by Hands On Design. I have the first 9 charts, and I have finished the first three. Originally, I tried stitching them on the recommended evenweave.  I could not get through one full line without my eyes crossing, and that was with a craft light and a magnifier. I became frustrated and so put them away for awhile. Finally, I decided to just stitch them on black 14-count Aida and I'm VERY pleased with the result. I am using the threads recommended: threads by Gentle Art, but I would have been just as happy matching the colours with DMC threads.

If you like these designs ~ they are all done in two colours only: "chalk" and whatever the accent colour is for the month ~ please leave a comment below, and I will have a drawing by Monday, February 15th, to give away the first three charts, which are in pristine condition. 

Good luck, and I am happy to post anywhere in the world!

Stay tuned, for I am working on another Scottish design which I can't wait to share with you!
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Monday, February 08, 2016

OH! The Excitement!

Here is my latest design:  A Scottish thistle and tartan.  This design, inspired by traditional Scottish Highland ambience, measures approximately 5" x 5", and is stitched on 14-count blue marble Aida.

The tartan is based on the Anderson tartan, but I have changed it to something a bit more impressionistic so that it would suit everyone...not just Andersons!

I really liked the idea of making the thistle golden, rather than the natural greens and purples of a wild thistle. My hope is that you will think of something a bit more regal, heraldic, and armorial even!

You can find this latest design in my Etsy shop HERE.  It is available as an instant download.  Happy stitching!
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Saturday, February 06, 2016

A New Design and More

Hi Folks!
Boy has life thrown us some curve balls over the past six months or so. I believe we are finally getting back on track. It's been a struggle. Just a variety of things :: health, family, finances, faith...the whole gamut. But I'm stitching up a storm again, at long last.

Above you see my latest addition from The Orthodox Stitcher. It is a freebie and you can get the PDF download on that blog.

I just finished the first three designs in the "A Year in Chalk" series by Hands On Design. I will be posting my finishes soon. And, I will be giving away the charts for January, February, and March! They are in excellent condition. Check back if you would like them for free. One lucky stitcher will get them!

I have a new design for Fearn Abbey Needleworks, too, which includes tartan (if you think THAT wasn't a challenge to chart!).

So, just a quick hello and update...more soon!
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