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Monday, June 01, 2015

Slow Stitching, and Manic Monday

I have finished the 3rd of 4 Easter Eggs in Set B. I'm almost done with the 4th. This third one features a cross with a radiant light behind it and a dove in front of it.

Here is it a little closer.

But WHY OH WHY do I start so many projects at one time? Things are terribly torn up at home right now. We have decided to turn our spare room into a more functional, and more attractive place. We spend a lot of time in there. A LOT. It has our icon corner. It has our office. It is where my crafting, stitching, and sewing all take place. So, we're in the middle of turning the closet into the office. We'll have lots more room that way. And things are being painted. And some things went into the living room, which means that room is sorta torn up, too.

There is work going on in the garage. I am trying to get some photo prints ready for selling. If you read The Daily Doodle, you'll know there is trouble in Lamb Paradise. Meanwhile, we are also getting ready for a trip. My dear husband is working a lot of overtime right now. Things feel fragmented. And I'm trying to get a design on The Orthodox Stitcher blog for the stitch-along.

I need a cool back porch with a rocker and a glass of iced tea! 
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dee holley said...

Wow......back porch and iced tea seem like heaven. Slow stitching but sun is actually shining today!! Hang in there and prayers for you. Dee