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Friday, May 22, 2015

Threads Threads Threads

There are a lot of embroidery threads out there suitable for cross stitch. I confess, I have a weakness for beautiful thread colors, and it is only economics which keeps me from trying lots and lots of different kinds. For example, I was really ~ I mean REALLY ~ taken with a set of hand-dyed threads a while ago on Etsy. They were so lovely. But here's the thing: most hand-dyed or over-dyed threads are done atop DMC stranded cotton, either Blanc or B5200. These gorgeous threads were, if I remember right, a set of 6 colors, only 4 meters each, for $12.95. I simply could NOT bring myself to spend that much money for 6 threads! 

My question to any of my readers is this: have you bought expensive hand-dyed threads, and if so, did you really love them? What was different about them?

Awhile ago I did a poll asking what threads you preferred. Most folks said DMC. The next most popular was Weeks Dye Works. Anchor came after that. No one voted for Madeira! I don't use Madeira, either, unless I am using a specialty thread like Lana.

Here's another weakness: huge lots of threads for sale on eBay (UK) for much less money. Once, I did buy a set of 50 threads that were supposed to be Anchor. I'm still not sure. Also, I saw someone selling a complete set of threads, all the numbers matching DMC, but they were not DMC, and the listing made that very clear. I was tempted! And, I am tempted by all the art silks I see on eBay. 

Does anyone have any experience with these huge thread sets on eBay?

And once, I bought 12 skeins of white and 12 skeins of black stranded cotton (figuring what could go wrong?), and they were value priced. Honestly, they were AWFUL. Raggedy and knotty. 

So, at this juncture, I would have to say I am still a DMC fan, until something can convince me otherwise. I don't really think it can, do you?

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