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Monday, April 27, 2015

Pinterest :: My Pin Pick for the Week

Okay, for a long time, I thought, "Pinterest.  What's the point, exactly?" Then, I got hooked, because after all, if you are an artist or needlewoman or crafter, you are a visually-oriented person, right? Then, I saw folks who had cross stitch boards with literally thousands of pins. Sheesh! But I sort of get that, because don't we all think, "If only I could stitch all those fabulous designs!"

So, I've decided to share a stitching pin (or pins) each week. Something that I've pinned and that I wish I could find time to do (once in awhile, I actually DO).

Here is my pin for this week:

Isn't it sweet? I know Easter / Pascha is just past, but really, most stitchers will work on various holiday projects whatever the time of year, right? I just love this spring Easter egg.

Do you have pins you'd like to share, or perhaps you would like folks to follow one of / some of / all of your boards? Feel free to share here, and I'll post for you!

My Pinterest button can be found on my sidebar! Go ahead...follow!

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