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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Come to the Carnival

This is a fairly recent stitching project I did which came from, I think, a magazine called The Cross Stitcher, which is here in Britain. Again, my camera is not so great, so the colors are a bit off.  And the wall behind it is pink! Anyway, I really liked the design, but I did NOT like the original colors. I pretty much changed everything and chose all my own colors. The original design even had a dark mustard yellow for one of the horses. YUCK! So, this project turned out to be even more fun and interesting because I was choosing some of the colors as I stitched.

The main colors are a dark salmon pink, light salmon pink, dark aqua, and light aqua, with highlights of pale blues and greens, a bit of yellow, and some black and white. It is stitched on a medium grey 14-count Aida, and so, while the original design left the white word "come" as an unstitched portion (because it was done on white evenweave), I had to stitch it in. It is backed with heavy weight fusible interfacing, and trimmed with aqua pompoms. I hung it on a dowel and used pink and white baker's twine for the hanger.

It was quite a lengthy project. I thought it looked simple and easy, but it turned out to be a bit complex, and very time consuming. I'm happy with the result, though! It is fun to alternate back and forth between my own designs and that of other designers.

If you would like to do this project, I'm pretty sure the magazine was The Cross Stitcher, and I think it must have been in 2012 or 2013. It was featured on the cover, so you would easily find it. It is probably available on eBay right now!

AHA.  Here it is:  The Cross Stitcher, Issue 256
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gracie said...

Love the colors you chose.

Stacey in Scotland said...

Thank you! I just love pink and aqua together, in all kinds of shades and hues. :-)