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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Must Be Old

Hi Friends,

See that cute little "chalkboard" design up there?  Yes, the one by Hands On Design.  Well, I'm attempting to stitch it.  I thought to myself, "This will be a quick little stitch to do in between or along with all the other stuff I'm doing." (Namely my own designs.)  HA! It uses a slate grey, 30-count linen, 2 over 2. I can't see what I'm stitching AT ALL! I have so far stitched the green line in the middle, and half the S. Can you believe that? I have used my strongest reading glasses, really GOOD light (tried it with the Ott Light, tried it in very good natural light), AND a magnifier hanging around my neck. I STILL can't see to stitch properly!

I must be getting old. No. I must BE old. Someone help! How do I make this stitching go a little easier? Oh, and I've already tried the white cloth / paper underneath, too.

I signed up for an auto-ship program though the good people at Patchwork Rabbit. I would hate to have to UN-sign-up because I can't see. Any suggestions anyone?

I'd like to say "Happy Stitching" but, I'm NOT a happy stitcher at the moment!

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Trinabelle said...

Shadow 14ct Aida from Picture This Plus is the designer-recommended substitute if you are having difficulty seeing to stitch on the Weeks Dye Works 30ct Gunmetal linen. The finished piece will still fit on the board shown on then cover of each chart, if you choose to finish yours the same way. Hope this helps!

Stacey at Fearn Abbey Needleworks said...

YAY! Yes, that helps tremendously, thank you so much! I am off to discover it now. I was about to pack it in, but now I will trudge on. THANK YOU!

Kate said...

I empathize - good luck!