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Friday, February 06, 2015

Valentine Poodle

And here's the little Valentine Poodle freebie I did earlier this week.  It took two evenings of fairly relaxed stitching to finish it.  I hope you enjoy stitching it, too!

Today:  I'm stitching a new saint design.  This is a local saint, associated with the area of the Highlands in which we live.  I'm looking forward to finishing this design and sharing it with you. And telling you a bit about the saint.

Also, I've been stitching various little designs that I am in the process of making and sending by mail to friends and family in America.  I'm about halfway through 32 pieces!  I'll show those when I'm done, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone... and here's to lots of stitching time!

Get the PDF download of the freebie HERE.

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