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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Days Are Like This

Hi stitching friends.  It's one of those days.  I somehow developed a horrible cold in the middle of the night.  Now, my head feels too heavy to stay on top of my neck, and I just want to crawl under a blanket and disappear for awhile.  But... Great Lent has begun, and I don't want to be entirely useless during this day, so I thought I'd write a sort of "odds and ends" post today.  I'm showing a few of my little stitches that will be finished into gifts for mailing.  Hopefully, none of the recipients will see them!  This little bird and tree design I snagged from Pinterest. 

This one also came from Pinterest.  I like some of the simple little freebies you can find out there.  I have stitched multiples of everything you see here.

This design, however, came from a Lesley Teare book of angels.  Or rather, I think the book had other designers in it as well, but this one is hers.  There is an angel alphabet, and I am making another window valance.  So, no multiples of this one!

At the moment, my ironing board has piles of little stitches on it, waiting to be either finished off or ironed or both.  

See what I mean?  And no, I haven't even sewn up the Poodle Valance yet!  Crikey.  I need to get moving.

We live in a small house.  Well, that is, by American standards, we live in a small house.  By British standards, probably not.  As an aside:  did you know Britain holds the record for the smallest new house sizes anywhere in Europe?  It's very easy to feel like you're in a pigeon coop over here.  It took me 2 1/2 years of solid, every day looking to find the house we have now.  Seriously.  You wouldn't believe some of the little dinky dumps we saw.  Sheesh!  So, on the one hand, we live in a GREAT house.  But when it comes to crafting and stitching and sewing... we live in a small house.  Which means I'm constantly organizing and trying to find good ways to keep multiple projects accessible and going at once.  This is what is on the table beside my main "stitching chair".

This is my own design in progress.  It's rather large, and it's taking a long time (because I keep getting called away to something else).  I am really pleased with the colors, though.

You can see the size of the chart behind.  I use an old music stand to hold my charts!  And lots of clothespins and binder clips.

So, just a little stitching update here.

Yesterday, we had snow!  Today, it is dry and sunny.  Although, earlier this morning, it was lashing rain and blowing like a hurricane.  The constant weather changes keep me in a constant state of being unsettled.  Does anyone else experience that?

Oh... and thanks for playing the game and answering my poll questions!  Just a little fun for us.  It's interesting to see what everyone thinks.

Happy stitching all!

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gracie said...

Such pretty stitching....I do hope you will soon feel better....