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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I'd really like to interact a lot more with my stitching friends around the world.  So, I'm going to start by doing two things:  adding a Guestbook to my sidebar (please sign it!), AND adding a poll question once a week or so.  Here goes:

What is your favorite type of fabric to stitch on?

14 - 16 count Aida
28-32 count evenweaves
specialty fabrics
light colors only
a big variety
Poll Maker

Thanks for playing along!

I've been stitching a TON of little things, but they are going to be finished off and sent away in the mail as little gifts for friends and family back home.  I'm dying to post them and show you what I've been up to, but on the off chance one of the recipients reads my post, it will ruin the surprise.  As soon as they are mailed, I'll share.

What are you all stitching right now?

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Kate said...

I'm stitching the letter A of a floral alphabet SAL using lots of bright colours on 14 count aida. There is a family member whose name starts with A so it will become something for her. :)

Stacey at Fearn Abbey Needleworks said...

Oh your project sounds wonderful! I love bright colors. I do sometimes like those pale, sort of antique-looking primitives and things, but mostly, I'm a bright color girl!