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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Website!

It's a new day at Fearn Abbey Needleworks.  This year, we get serious!  Well... seriouser.  We've got a whole new fantabulous website with lots more great stuff on it!  Please visit.  Links to it are all over the place.

Oh my goodness.  Well... I was just going to shut down this blog and only work from my new website.  It really is a fantastic website.  But then... I looked at my little old blog and kinda liked it.  I kinda hated to just say goodbye to it.  I'm thinking maybe I'll convert this wee blog into my own personal stitching blog and use my BIG NEW FABULOUS WEBSITE for the business.  What say you?

While you're thinking... please visit my "new and improved" website:  FEARN ABBEY NEEDLEWORKS!
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