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Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I'm Stitching...and Other Random Thoughts

Okay, so things have been HUGELY busy around here lately.  The stitching and designing aspect of my life has suffered a bit, but I'm hoping to be getting back in the swing of things now.  Below is a photo of my giant Christ Pantocrator that I am stitching.  As you can see, I still do not have a floor frame. I'm not going to let that stop me, though!  Also, as you can see, I am not one of the "stitch a 10 by 10 block at a time" types.  I'm just not quite that linear in my thinking, I guess.  Although, I am trying to stitch a whole area at a time, and I definitely DO use a highlighter to mark off what I've stitched.  I'm really enjoying such a large project, and working on something that is not my design.

Random thoughts:
  • I have been told that my designs are not stylized enough, and that I have too many styles.  At first this bothered me.  Not any more.  I design what appeals to me and what I'm inspired to design.  Which also means I'm not all that worried about "trends" and things like that.  I don't expect folks to like all (or even any) of my designs.  I can certainly say there are designers I don't care for; others I like a whole lot; and others who have some designs I like and some I don't.  It's the nature of the thing, don't you think?
  • What I'm hoping this means is (1) more designs coming out more quickly, as I focus on who and what I am as a designer, and (2) more freebies, because I'm only going to be doing stuff I enjoy.
  • And frankly (this is just MY opinion, mind you, and you don't have to agree) I absolutely can't stand the so-called "subversive" or "urban" cross stitch designs that you see so much of these days.  There.  I said it.  And I'm glad.  So, if you're looking for anything like that, you won't find it here.
  • I have three different series I will be focusing on for the next six months or so:  Saints (you have already seen St Thomas, St Margaret of Scotland, St Patrick, and St Columba), breeds of sheep (you haven't seen any of those yet!!), and poodles (you've seen lots of those!).  I will try to mix a freebie in between each larger design.  Because let's face it:  We all like free charts!
And this pretty much brings everyone up-to-date.  Once again, thank you all for your patience and for hanging in there with me.  When I started doing my own designs, setting up a shop, and having a blog, I never realized how much work it all entails.  But it's okay!  I'm finding a rhythm, and I enjoy it immensely.  And I love it when folks are happy with a design!  So...keep on stitching, and I will too!

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