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Monday, March 03, 2014

Lambs and Shamrocks, a Freebie for You!

FINISHED, and ready for you!  Finally!  This is my little St Patrick's Day offering, and it's a freebie. This little design measures 4.9" X 4.2" on 14-count Aida, and the stitch count is 68 X 59.  The model was stitched on 14-count green iridescent Aida.  I love all the sparkles in the fabric!  I've uploaded a couple of photos to help you see the sparkly effect, but I'm afraid the pictures just don't do it justice.

This design incorporates...er...two lambs, with their pot trough full of gold hay.  They are happily standing under a pastel rainbow, with a shamrock on each end.  All throughout are little green shamrocks and clovers, and little purple flowers.  Here and there, you will see a few gold pieces!

This design also incorporates quite a few French knots, using both one and two strands.  All the information is included in the directions.  In this download, you will receive four pages which contain two full-color photos, a color chart, a larger black and white chart, key, materials list, and instructions. 

To get your free PDF download, click HERE.

Happy St Patrick's Day (early)...and Doodle and Snowball say:  May your trough be always full!

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