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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day...and What's New

Hello everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day, a day early!!  It's busy here at Fearn Abbey Needleworks. I'm in the midst of two new design series and stitching up a few models.  I also have a delightful freebie planned for the end of this month.  And, I'm getting ready to start stitching THIS CHART:

I have not done any really huge charts before...you know, like the Heaven and Earth Designs ones. However, I have decided to start this one:  Christ Pantocrator by Solaria Gallery.  I actually bought this pattern from Patterns Online, and the chart printed out beautifully.  It uses 46 colors, and the finished size for 14-count is 10" X 18.57".  I've got my threads, got my chart, and got my fabric. Now all I need is a proper frame / floor stand.  Can anyone help?  I am looking for recommendations and suggestions.

Meanwhile...the McLambies require constant attention.

Poor Shermy the Sherminator had a bad foot two days ago.  He was all out of sorts.  We prayed about it that night, and the next day, he was completely better!  And, back to biting pockets, looking for cookies.

Doodle never has trouble finding cookies, especially when he's so cute and we just keep giving them to him:

Rosebud is in the background, sneering, I think.

And, the little foursome all have their own dinner bowls now.  Doodle's is dark grey; Snowball's is turquoise, Rosebud's is blue, and Shermy's is red.  Doodle eats out of the turquoise one, and Rosebud eats out of the red one.  Sigh...

The weather in the UK has been horrible, but so far, we have pretty much been spared up in the northern Highlands.  We have wind and rain, but that's normal for February.  The southern parts of the UK have been having terrible flooding, too.  And I've been watching all the news about the weather back home.  Folks are getting hammered all over the place.  I hope everyone is safe and warm and dry, wherever you all are!

What's everyone stitching, as you do your best to stay in and keep cozy?

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1 comment:

Jane S. said...

WOW that is quite a project that you're going to tackle! I don't have any suggestions as to a frame, because I use a regular old 8" hoop and just move it around from place to place.

I hope you're going to post your progress? I'd love to see work in action. :)