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Thursday, October 31, 2013


This is how I finished off Doodle's Halloween:  my husband cut out the pumpkin shape I drew on a piece of plywood.  Then, it was painted in layers, sanded (to distress it), lines put on with gold glitter, and then sealed.  I'm quite happy with it!  What did you do with your Halloween stitch?

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Betsy at Etsy!

The first chart in the B is for Betsy series is now available on Etsy as an instant PDF download.  The download contains four pages which include a full-color photo of the model, a large and easy-to-read 2-page chart, materials list, key, and instructions.  You can purchase this original design for only £5 and receive your download right away!  Happy stitching!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

B is for Betsy

Here she is:  the first in a series from the Betsy books by Carolyn Haywood.  I absolutely love these stories, and have since childhood.  I especially love the original illustrations (honestly, the new illustrations just make me sad).  So...I have adapted some of the originals for cross stitch (yes, I have checked all the copyright regulations ~ it's all good!)
This first illustration is taken from when Betsy is just getting ready to go off for her first day of school. She is sitting on the stairs, waiting for mother, and not feeling very confident.
Can't we all relate to how Betsy felt when she went off to school for the first time?

In this series, I am trying to intimate the quality of the original black and white illustrations, but I have put a little burst of color in each one.  In this one, as you can see, her schoolbag and her hair ribbons have been highlighted.  There are several shades of tan / grey / taupe in the design, with the main outlines being done in black and brown-black.

The finished design size on 14-count cream Aida is 5.8" X 6.7".  The chart will be available as an instant PDF download in my Etsy shop, hopefully THIS week!  I hope you like her!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Storybook Design...and TWO New FREE CHARTS on the Way!

Hi Friends and Stitchers,

I've been a bit slow lately...would you believe I just turned 50, and then two weeks later got Bell's Palsy?  Good grief!  Talk about feeling older.  So...I'm a wee bit slow in getting my charts out.  Thank you for your patience.

FIRST:  I just finished a really fun and different story book design, taken from an old favorite from childhood.  I'll get photos posted soon, and then the chart will be up for sale in my Etsy shop.  It will be a PDF download.  I hope you'll like it as much as I do, and it will bring back fond memories of simpler times.

NEXT:  I have TWO free charts on the drawing board ~ one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. I'm working as fast as I can on those, and will get them posted the minute they are done!  The Thanksgiving one is a simple motif, and the Christmas one has some fun specialty threads and extra embellishments.

Please keep checking back, and I will get these three new charts out to you as soon as possible! Thanks!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FREE CHART: Doodle's Halloween

Hi Friends!  It's time for another free chart.  This one is for Halloween, Doodle Style. First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who has downloaded my other free charts.  I hope you have fun with them, and I would still like to see what you have stitched!
I had so much fun with this design!  You may have noticed I really love my pet sheep.  That's Doodle's silhouette in front of the moon.  He has watched too many Charlie Brown holiday movies, I think.  This chart is very versatile, though, so feel free to put whatever silhouette you'd like inside the moon, or none at all.
I used 14-count black Aida for this design, AND...I used Glow in the Dark thread for the moon!  It's great, and it really does glow.  This comes from DMC and the information is included in the download.
Another fun thread was the fluorescent yellow I used for the jack-o-lantern's face.  It is much brighter in person, I assure you!
Finally, I used DMC "Desire" memory thread to make the little vine ends on top of three of the pumpkins.  The thread is tacked down with stranded cotton of the same color.  
This little design measures 4.6" X 3.8" on 14-count fabric, and the stitch count is 64 X 53.  You can download your FREE chart by clicking HERE.  Have fun and happy stitching!
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Saturday, October 12, 2013

:: A Few Announcements ::

Hi Stitchers and Friends,

I have a few announcements for you.

(1) I have decided to make some of my designs (possibly all of them, eventually) available as PDF downloads for sale in my Etsy Shop.  You probably noticed I did that already with Snowball's and Doodle's Christmas decorations.

I don't know why I have balked at selling things as PDF downloads.  I have always thought that if I created the charts myself, I would have better control over the quality.  Alas, it seems I had better get with the program and go with what technology is offering.  I would like to hear your comments on this ~ as to whether you prefer a hard copy of a chart to arrive in your mail or if you like to download your own.

(2) Since I am offering free charts every few weeks or so, I am starting a rotation.  I will have 3 - 4 charts available at any given time.  The earliest chart will be taken off whenever I post a new one. Thus, I have started by taking off the Scottish Thistle chart (it is still available as, yes, an instant download in my Etsy shop for only £2.50, if you still want it).

So, what this means is:  If you see a free chart of mine that you like, please download it at that time. My free charts will probably only be free for about 6 weeks.

I know there are lots of crafters, seamstresses, and stitchers out there who are also sellers, so I know I don't have to explain why I'm doing this.  I still plan to offer lots of freebies, but they won't be free forever!

Coming this next week:  A Lamby Halloween chart ~ FOR FREE!

Thank you for choosing my designs!  Happy stitching!
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Christmas Things to Do

Dear Friends,

A little aside here:  I would like to say a word about Operation Christmas Child.  If you're looking for a great charity this Christmas, why not fill a few shoeboxes for the folks at Operation Christmas Child? This is an arm of Samaritan's Purse, and they do the most wonderful work with those most in need. I've got the link for the UK site, but I'm sure if you go there, you can get to the US one, as well.

I know in our house, there seems to be lots of things going on at once, never enough money, and definitely never enough time.  But we're making time and money for this one.  And, if you are really, REALLY strapped for time, do what we did last year:  Fill a shoebox online.  Operation Christmas Child even gives you the option to choose items and fill a virtual shoebox which they will, after your donation, fill for you and send on its way.

We're doing Operation Christmas Child

Please remember those in need this Christmas:  Operation Christmas Child.

UPDATE:  here is the link for the US site!
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Doodles and Snowballs for Christmas!

 See them HERE on Etsy :: Two charts, instant downloads, for £8
 Get your Doodle HERE on Etsy :: Instant download, £4
And find Baby Snowball HERE on Etsy :: Instant download, £5

I like these photos better, don't you?  We literally had about 5 minutes of sunlight today, so I grabbed my camera and was snapping furiously!

Happy stitching everyone!
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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Doodle All the Way...and...Let It Snowball

Doodle All the Way is Doodle's Christmas decoration for 2013.  It is finally done!  First, I must say I am really struggling with taking photos of designs done on bright red and bright green Aida.  I'm working on this, and when I get it figured out, I will add more photos.
Doodle All the Way is done on bright red 14-count Aida.  The color is similar to DMC's 321.  The finished design size is 5.4" X 4.1", and the stitch count is 75 X 58.  Doodle is wearing a green hat with white fluffy trim (Madeira Lana thread) and a white pom pom on the tip.  The design is framed in gold metallic thread (I used DMC Light Effects, but you could use any gold metallic that you like).  Stitching is done in 3 strands, and back stitching is done in 2 strands.  Metallic is also done in 2 strands, and the little gold stars are done in 1 strand.  Doodle has a little green bead at the center of the largest star.
We are already singing "Doodle All the Way" at our house (to the tune of Jingle Bells).  
And, I know I already posted about Snowball, but here he is again:  Let It Snowball!
Let It Snowball is done on bright green 14-count Aida, similar to DMC's 986.  He his wearing a red hat with white fluffy trim and a white pom pom tip.  He is also wearing holly berries and leaves, and the "Let It" part of the lettering is done in a candy-cane effect with DMC B5200 and DMC red Light Effects on a blended needle.
The finished design size for Let It Snowball is 4.4" X 4.9" and the stitch count is 62 X 69.  Again, the cross stitching is done in 3 strands, metallic stitching in 2 strands, and back stitching in 1 strand (around the holly leaves).  We're singing "Let It Snowball" at our house, too!
Both of these designs are being offered as charts and will be PDF instant downloads.  I don't usually do downloads because I can't guarantee the quality (dependent upon your printer, etc.).  BUT, I wanted to make these available in time for Christmas stitching.  So, that seemed the best option.
Snowball will be available for £5; Doodle will be £4; OR...you can buy both charts for £8.  They will be available THIS WEEK!  So please check back for details and to get your Christmas Lambs!  Happy Stitching!
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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Doodle Is On His Way

Doodle is coming for Christmas!  He's almost done and will be here soon.  I will present both Snowball's and Doodle's Christmas decorations, with a variety of options for you.  I hope you will like my little lambs as much as I do, and will think about making them a part of your Christmas decor.
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