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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

What's Going On This Week at Fearn Abbey Needleworks

Post-Thanksgiving Blues, to start.  Who's with me on that one?  And we don't even have "Black Friday" over here (obviously).  Sometimes it is a real pain not being able to jump in the car and go to any shop I want.  Other times, it is a blessing.  However, thank goodness for online shopping.  I get virtually (no pun intended) all my supplies that way.  I'd love to go to a needlework shop, but there are none around.

What's going on at Fearn Abbey Needleworks right now:  I'm finishing (that is, mounting for display) two Christmas designs.  I'm finishing the stitching on another freebie (I owe you TWO MORE FREEBIES).  And we're doing a lot of Christmas decorating, piece at a time.

Who's frantically stitching for Christmas?

Don't forget to stop by my Etsy shop to get your four Christmas ornament charts for only £1.  I think that's about $1.65 in American dollars.  The download is 6 pages and full-color!

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