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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Snowball's Christmas Wreath

Is it just me, or is December flying past already?
I wanted to share with you all how I finished off Snowball's Christmas decoration:  "Let It Snowball".  I've turned him into a wreath!
It's so easy with a plain green wreath, some purchased snowflake ornaments, a dotted ribbon trim, and some green florist wire.  I will be showing you Doodle's Christmas wreath shortly!

And...coming up soon (I have to say, I've got holes in my fingertips, stitching as fast as I am!)...two more freebies for you.  Keep checking back, and I will get them posted as soon as I can ~ in plenty of time to stitch them up for Christmas.

Also, don't forget:  You can still download The McLamby Christmas Extravaganza for free, and you can find Snowball's and Doodle's red and green Christmas designs in my Etsy shop.  As well, you can still grab my December special:  4 Charts for £1.  Please be sure to visit my Etsy shop!

Back to stitching...

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