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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Freebie Number 3 of 3

Here is my final FREE CHART for Christmas :: a Little St Nicholas, complete with a fuzzy beard!
This little guy is about 3" X 3", so he would make up great as a card, a tree ornament, or a pillow.

This design uses 14-count Navy Aida.  I seem to be using a lot of that this Christmas.  I like the idea of a night scene, but black is just a little TOO dark.  You can see that St Nicholas's beard is fuzzy, and the snow is done the same way, using Madeira Lana thread in 2 strands, and fluffed up.

St Nicholas has a red robe with a green under layer, and he is standing by a little woodland deer and a little green forest tree with berries.  He is holding his crozier, or bishop's staff.

If you would like to stitch up this little guy for your Christmas, you can get the FREE PDF DOWNLOAD HERE!

Merry Christmas from Fearn Abbey Needleworks!

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