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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doodle's First Snow, Among Other Things

YAY!  The Snow Fairies have come!  Doodle (and Snowball, of course), have been experiencing their first snow.  We've only had a slight dusting, but it really is lovely.  And Doodle, who does NOT like to get his back feet wet, seems to be coping quite nicely with it.  Of course, this means more cookies and hay and kibbles, so that could be why.

Little announcement:  My little lamb sampler has been taken off the blog as a freebie, but you can still get the chart in my Etsy shop for only £2.50.

I have just finished stitching a set of four Christmas tree ornaments.  I am in the process of finishing them off, and my plan is to offer them to you FOR FREE FOR £1 in the next week or so.  Also up will be a FREE SET of three Christmas ornaments, and a little St Nicholas for your tree.  These will be free for a short time only, so be sure to keep watch for them, and if you like them, grab them when you see them!

What's everybody stitching for the holidays and for Christmas?  I can just about hear the needles ~ of all kinds ~ flying!

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