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Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Christmas Things to Do

Dear Friends,

A little aside here:  I would like to say a word about Operation Christmas Child.  If you're looking for a great charity this Christmas, why not fill a few shoeboxes for the folks at Operation Christmas Child? This is an arm of Samaritan's Purse, and they do the most wonderful work with those most in need. I've got the link for the UK site, but I'm sure if you go there, you can get to the US one, as well.

I know in our house, there seems to be lots of things going on at once, never enough money, and definitely never enough time.  But we're making time and money for this one.  And, if you are really, REALLY strapped for time, do what we did last year:  Fill a shoebox online.  Operation Christmas Child even gives you the option to choose items and fill a virtual shoebox which they will, after your donation, fill for you and send on its way.

We're doing Operation Christmas Child

Please remember those in need this Christmas:  Operation Christmas Child.

UPDATE:  here is the link for the US site!
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