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Saturday, October 12, 2013

:: A Few Announcements ::

Hi Stitchers and Friends,

I have a few announcements for you.

(1) I have decided to make some of my designs (possibly all of them, eventually) available as PDF downloads for sale in my Etsy Shop.  You probably noticed I did that already with Snowball's and Doodle's Christmas decorations.

I don't know why I have balked at selling things as PDF downloads.  I have always thought that if I created the charts myself, I would have better control over the quality.  Alas, it seems I had better get with the program and go with what technology is offering.  I would like to hear your comments on this ~ as to whether you prefer a hard copy of a chart to arrive in your mail or if you like to download your own.

(2) Since I am offering free charts every few weeks or so, I am starting a rotation.  I will have 3 - 4 charts available at any given time.  The earliest chart will be taken off whenever I post a new one. Thus, I have started by taking off the Scottish Thistle chart (it is still available as, yes, an instant download in my Etsy shop for only £2.50, if you still want it).

So, what this means is:  If you see a free chart of mine that you like, please download it at that time. My free charts will probably only be free for about 6 weeks.

I know there are lots of crafters, seamstresses, and stitchers out there who are also sellers, so I know I don't have to explain why I'm doing this.  I still plan to offer lots of freebies, but they won't be free forever!

Coming this next week:  A Lamby Halloween chart ~ FOR FREE!

Thank you for choosing my designs!  Happy stitching!
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