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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Doodle All the Way...and...Let It Snowball

Doodle All the Way is Doodle's Christmas decoration for 2013.  It is finally done!  First, I must say I am really struggling with taking photos of designs done on bright red and bright green Aida.  I'm working on this, and when I get it figured out, I will add more photos.
Doodle All the Way is done on bright red 14-count Aida.  The color is similar to DMC's 321.  The finished design size is 5.4" X 4.1", and the stitch count is 75 X 58.  Doodle is wearing a green hat with white fluffy trim (Madeira Lana thread) and a white pom pom on the tip.  The design is framed in gold metallic thread (I used DMC Light Effects, but you could use any gold metallic that you like).  Stitching is done in 3 strands, and back stitching is done in 2 strands.  Metallic is also done in 2 strands, and the little gold stars are done in 1 strand.  Doodle has a little green bead at the center of the largest star.
We are already singing "Doodle All the Way" at our house (to the tune of Jingle Bells).  
And, I know I already posted about Snowball, but here he is again:  Let It Snowball!
Let It Snowball is done on bright green 14-count Aida, similar to DMC's 986.  He his wearing a red hat with white fluffy trim and a white pom pom tip.  He is also wearing holly berries and leaves, and the "Let It" part of the lettering is done in a candy-cane effect with DMC B5200 and DMC red Light Effects on a blended needle.
The finished design size for Let It Snowball is 4.4" X 4.9" and the stitch count is 62 X 69.  Again, the cross stitching is done in 3 strands, metallic stitching in 2 strands, and back stitching in 1 strand (around the holly leaves).  We're singing "Let It Snowball" at our house, too!
Both of these designs are being offered as charts and will be PDF instant downloads.  I don't usually do downloads because I can't guarantee the quality (dependent upon your printer, etc.).  BUT, I wanted to make these available in time for Christmas stitching.  So, that seemed the best option.
Snowball will be available for £5; Doodle will be £4; OR...you can buy both charts for £8.  They will be available THIS WEEK!  So please check back for details and to get your Christmas Lambs!  Happy Stitching!
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