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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freebie Coming This Week!

I wasn't going to do a free chart for a few weeks, mainly because I am so backed up with larger charts needing stitched and finished.  However, I was inspired and decided to whip one up.  It's finished, uploaded, and almost ready to go.  Just need the photos!  Please check back tomorrow ~ I hope to have it up then.  Can you guess what it will be??

I keep meaning to mention... for anyone not in the UK, my charts are all A4 paper size.  That's 11.7" X 8.3".  It's annoying, I know.  However, I think when you are printing a PDF, you can adjust the paper size.  I do apologize if the printing is a bit odd because of the UK paper size.  I wish everything could just be standard sizes.  6+ years on...and I'm still adjusting to the little daily things!
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