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Monday, August 05, 2013

Slightly Behind...But Can You Blame Me?

I mean, look at what has been occupying my time the past couple days:

First, it's the big boys.  I cannot even believe my Bud is 5+ years old.  And Shermy is 3.  They are happy and healthy, and that's the main thing.
Then, there's this little guy:

Snowball.  He is just the sweetest little lamb.  I'm so glad we got him.  We almost didn't get our two bottle lambs this year, but both my husband and I are glad we did.

And you can see why.  Look at this:

Snickerdoodle.  I absolutely love this photo.  I'm going to frame it, it makes me smile that much.

And it always does my heart good to see a happy family at the dinner table.  

I read somewhere recently that "sheep are not naturally friendly to humans."  Yeah, whatever.

So now...back to stitching and designing.  I've got a design coming off the table now, one in the process of being stitched / tested, and another one getting started.  A freebie is coming soon!

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