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Monday, August 12, 2013

Highland Heather :: Free Chart for You!

At last, I have finished another free chart for you.  It's August, and the heather is in bloom, so I was inspired to create this little design.  I hope you like it:
I am playing with my camera, trying out different settings.  The actual colors are soft greens and purples and pinks.  This design was stitched on cream 14-count Aida.  It also uses a specialty thread:  DMC Light Effects, which is a lovely metallic pinky-purple.  
The finished design size is approximately 3" X 5", if you stitch the whole thing.

One of the things I'm pleased with concerning this design is how flexible it is.  You can stitch the whole thing, or just the heather bouquet and leave off the borders, or even use just the words and make a little wrap to go around a mason jar, and voila, you have a little vase for your heather!

To really make the lettering pop, be sure to stitch in two strands.  Other backstitch and longstitch is done in one strand.

I hope you have fun with this design.  Please feel free to share your finished work.  I'm happy to post it and, if you have a website or blog, link to you.  Thanks for taking the time to see my design and for stopping by Fearn Abbey Needleworks blog.  Please visit my Etsy shop.

CLICK HERE to get your free PDF download of this chart.  Happy stitching!
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Aurelia Eglantine said...

Thanks very much for the lovely pattern! I found your site through your Craft Gossip feature - congratulations :) You have a beautiful blog!

SylviaC said...

I found you through Craft Gossip too. Thank you so much for the heather pattern. I am doing a collection of small flower cross stitch designs and I did not have one for heather..
I will be back to peruse, so far I love your blog. I am originally from Bolton, Lancs but moved to Canada in 1973. I haven't been to Scotland since 1969!!

JLL24 said...

This is so pretty, and I have a friend who's daughter's name is Heather. And she collects all things "Heather". I can't wait to make it and give it to her. Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

This is a beautiful design, Stacey. Many thanks for sharing. This is my first visit, but not my last, thanks to Craft Gossip for introducing you.

Heather said...

Just found your lovely pattern through Pinterest -- a little disappointed the file seems to no longer be available.