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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why To Have Lambs

Because they're cute?  Because they're funny?  Because they're huggable?  Yep!
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Some of My Inspiration

Anyone who makes and designs stuff knows how the mind is whirring all the time, and you're looking at everything for inspiration.  There are many, many things that inspire me, but of course, these two guys, only 15 weeks old, are constant inspiration these days.  They are the most lovable babies, and they make wonderful pets,  er...wool-producers.  No, pets it is!  Doodle and Snowball sharing some Lamby Love:

Meanwhile...stitching continues here at Fearn Abbey Needleworks.  Presently, I'm working on one rather large design, one medium design, and one smaller design.  Hopefully I'll have something to show you this week!
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday :: Another Free Chart for You ~ Little Lambs

As promised, here is a FREE CHART for you ~ lambs!  Two little lambs and hearts to brighten your stitching.  I used sage Aida for this design.  Any sort of neutral, darker-than-white fabric should work fine.  When you collect your threads together, you can see what kind of fabric you'd like to use.
Everything is done in whole cross stitches, except the noses.  There is no backstitch other than the little yellow bows on the topiaries.
I think this design would look nice on a rustic-looking linen or evenweave, as well.
I hope you enjoy this design and have fun stitching it.  As always, please send me a photo of your finished piece, and I will be happy to post it!  CLICK HERE for your FREE PDF DOWNLOAD!

Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Coming Tomorrow: Sneak Peek at the FREEBIE

I've got another free chart for you all.  I had planned on waiting a bit to post it, but it's about lambs, so I couldn't wait!  See more photos and get the link for the FREE CHART here tomorrow.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little Lamb Sampler, Coming Soon!

As you can see, lambs and sheep play a major role in our daily life.
Because they're just so darned cute!  So...

I have a little lamb sampler freebie that will be posted soon ~ very likely this week!  Please check back and look for the link to your free PDF download!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Thank You!

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Just a wee post to say thank you to my followers and to remind you to keep an eye out for a new freebie this week!
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Just Love Them to Pieces!

Well...I just can't help it.  Those silly lambs, big and small, are just too cute.  And photogenic.  Snowball, our little baby...
And I love when everyone is getting along (which they usually are, unless there is a little cookie jealousy going on):
A happy family at dinner:
Our lambs are the inspiration for my next freebie, which will be coming to you this week!  Stay tuned...

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Poodle Tropicale

Don't you just love poodles?  I think they're so adorable!  And very versatile, too.  Just take a look at Poodle Tropicale:
 Poodle Tropicale is enjoying the summer weather, stretched out on her beach towel.
 The palm tree gives a little shade...but I hope the coconuts don't fall while Poodle Tropicale is beneath!  The coconuts are little pompoms.
 The sea is sparkly with light reflecting off the gold metallic threads as well as the white pearlescent threads blended into the blues and greens.
You can find Poodle Tropicale HERE.  

Coming soon...(because no one should be without one) a FREE poodle for you!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Lambs

Here's a little lambiness for you:
We think the grass is greener...but we can reach it, so that's okay!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Highland Heather :: Free Chart for You!

At last, I have finished another free chart for you.  It's August, and the heather is in bloom, so I was inspired to create this little design.  I hope you like it:
I am playing with my camera, trying out different settings.  The actual colors are soft greens and purples and pinks.  This design was stitched on cream 14-count Aida.  It also uses a specialty thread:  DMC Light Effects, which is a lovely metallic pinky-purple.  
The finished design size is approximately 3" X 5", if you stitch the whole thing.

One of the things I'm pleased with concerning this design is how flexible it is.  You can stitch the whole thing, or just the heather bouquet and leave off the borders, or even use just the words and make a little wrap to go around a mason jar, and voila, you have a little vase for your heather!

To really make the lettering pop, be sure to stitch in two strands.  Other backstitch and longstitch is done in one strand.

I hope you have fun with this design.  Please feel free to share your finished work.  I'm happy to post it and, if you have a website or blog, link to you.  Thanks for taking the time to see my design and for stopping by Fearn Abbey Needleworks blog.  Please visit my Etsy shop.

CLICK HERE to get your free PDF download of this chart.  Happy stitching!
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Simple Finishing Idea

Hello friends!  It's Saturday.  Sadly, my dear husband has to work on Saturdays...but we have a whole week off coming up.  Yay!

I have a new design just finished, and I thought I'd be able to show it to you today.  Alas, I am still waiting for the wee embellishment I want to use on it to arrive by mail.  Hopefully I'll have it up and ready to go for Monday.  Meanwhile, I am stitching up another freebie I can't wait to share with you.  It should be ready early next week, as well.

So, I thought I'd talk about finishing.  Yes, yes.  Framing is ideal most of the time.  And very costly.  Pillows, pinkeeps or pincushions are good.  But sometimes I want to finish a design quickly and with as little expense as possible.  I'm sure anyone who stitches a LOT often feels the same way.  Here's one of the things I sometimes do:
This cute little design ~ about 4" by 6" ~ is wrapped around heavy card.  Then, it is mounted on a piece of foam board which has been covered with two layers of scrapbook backing paper.  Finally, it has a premade satin ruffle finishing the edge.  Any type of trim would work ~ whatever you prefer.  On the back, a simple triangular picture hanger is glued on.  The finished picture is A5 size, or 8.3 X 5.8 inches, and it weighs nothing to hang on the wall.  I had all of the items at home already, except for the ruffle.  The finished product is 3-dimensional.  

The design, by the way, was a freebie off an old website no longer available that was owned by Pamela Kellogg.  It's a really lovely design, and I so enjoyed stitching it.

Anyway, just a few thoughts on alternative ways to finish off a stitched picture.  Does anyone have other ideas they'd like to share?

Thanks for stopping by...and have a great weekend!
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Monday, August 05, 2013

Slightly Behind...But Can You Blame Me?

I mean, look at what has been occupying my time the past couple days:

First, it's the big boys.  I cannot even believe my Bud is 5+ years old.  And Shermy is 3.  They are happy and healthy, and that's the main thing.
Then, there's this little guy:

Snowball.  He is just the sweetest little lamb.  I'm so glad we got him.  We almost didn't get our two bottle lambs this year, but both my husband and I are glad we did.

And you can see why.  Look at this:

Snickerdoodle.  I absolutely love this photo.  I'm going to frame it, it makes me smile that much.

And it always does my heart good to see a happy family at the dinner table.  

I read somewhere recently that "sheep are not naturally friendly to humans."  Yeah, whatever.

So now...back to stitching and designing.  I've got a design coming off the table now, one in the process of being stitched / tested, and another one getting started.  A freebie is coming soon!

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Saturday, August 03, 2013

New Design Preview, and Lambiness

Poodles are taking over at Fearn Abbey Needleworks.  But I have a feeling that lambs are close on their heels.  This poodle has aspirations to be like Carmen Miranda.  Stay tuned...chart and kit are coming next week!
Baby pictures!  Doodle is about 5 or 6 days old in this photo.  I used this shot to make my favicon.  Fun!
And what, I ask you, is not to love about this mug?  Snowball must have been about 9 weeks old here.  The babies are 12 1/2 weeks old now.  

Hope you're having a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by!
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