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Monday, July 08, 2013

St Margaret of Scotland

Happy news!  St Margaret of Scotland is being kitted as we speak, and will shortly be available in my Etsy shop.  She is stitched on blue marble Aida, which is included in the kit, and her crown is done in metallic thread, also included.

St Margaret was extremely generous and loving to the poor, children, and anyone in need.  She is the only member of Scottish royalty ever to be canonized a saint.  When you visit Edinburgh Castle, you can see a wonderful little chapel belonging to her.

St Margaret lived in the 11th century, and she was the wife of Malcolm III, King of Scotland.  She was also mother to eight children, three of whom became kings of Scotland, as well ~ most notably King David I.

In my interpretation of St Margaret, I have her wearing period clothing and her hair in a long, golden braid and wreathed with a gold crown.  She is flanked by a little girl on the right and a little deer and cat on the left.  I hope you enjoy this version of St Margaret!
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